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1 year later, Cambridge Cemetery still neglected

Concerned member, Cambridge

About a year ago the Rising Sun published a photo I sent, similar to the one pictured below.

The accompanying words detailed the dire state of the Cambridge Cemetery which has now become a subject considered ‘long in the tooth’.

Shamefully, I laughed when reading in our daily paper that public swimming pools will now be closed due to the recent covid spike… For goodness sake, they never opened!

After the demise of the athletics track and rugby stadium (formerly Jan Smuts and Basil Kenyon), it surely appears the Joan Harrison is next.

Yet BCM still deems it necessary to spend money on name changes, incredulous!

With hope, surely there are good men (and women) in BCM, please stand up and be counted.

The private/business sector exemplifies effort in the maintenance of EL.

Different and new relations between these groups are urgently needed to avoid a further downward spiral into the abyss.



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