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About Us

"Our vision is to be the leading Multi-Media Company that offers the best-integrated media solutions across various platforms of Print, Digital, Event and Outdoor,’ - Managing Director of Eastern Cape Rising Sun, Nishal Rampersadh.

Our mission is to be known for the best print quality, excellent distribution and service to our business associates, customers, readers, followers and the community at large.

Our motto is to work towards a non-racial, non-sexist, democratic South Africa. We believe that education is the weapon to fight ignorance, poverty, and unemployment.

We live up to our brand and vision statements to produce quality print and digital platforms that add value, in the communities we serve.

News Room

Our dynamic newsroom provides breaking news on Print and Digital platforms through cutting edge journalism and technology. We highlight achievements, address social issues and document the development of the communities we serve.

Digital & Social Media

The digital part of our business focuses on local, national and international content on a DAILY basis to some 200 000 digital viewers on our website.

“We proactively create opportunities through initiative and drive, to transform the business in the digital era. As upcoming leaders, we integrate new technologies with media solutions to bring us even closer to our target markets.” - Nishal

“Over 90% of SMME's use social media to attract new customers. Social media marketing, when done effectively, can lead to more customers, traffic, and more engagement.

It is the fastest growing platform and our mediums are fast gaining real-time customers and feedback to content shared. Our viral posts reach as many as 20 000 people within a few hours of posting,“ - Nishal

First Language Paper in Xhosa

“I started the isiXhosa publication (Mpuma Koloni Lathitha iLanga) as I felt we need to promote the language and culture of the isiXhosa community which forms the majority of 78,8% of our Eastern Cape Province. Our aim is to promote reading and writing in the language.

As a free publication, it reaches businesses and homes, even in rural areas where many cannot afford to buy a newspaper. Being community orientated, the primary focus is to share content within our footprint to inform and uplift readers through human interest, social, educational, sport and community development stories. I am thankful for the support from the Buffalo City Metro Municipality, the Nelson Mandela Institute for Education and Rural Development and other institutes.

Mpuma Koloni Lathitha iLanga, is strategically distributed free in the Xhosa speaking communities of Mthatha, Butterworth, East London, Mdantsane, Bisho, King Williams Town and surrounding areas. It is ABC Certified and content to readers is different from that of our weekly English publication!

I am pleased that Lathitha iLanga is well received at educational institutes as a ‘learning tool’ and that it is inspiring a culture of reading in one of our official languages in our republic,” – Nishal.

Media Kit


Eastern Cape Rising Sun is extensively involved in community outreach programs.

Entering its third year, the company has won the hearts of the community and business sector through various CSR projects such as a Parents Heritage Day and helping fundraise for the purchase of a home for orphaned and homeless children run by the Helping Those in Need Foundation among other humanitarian projects.


Our publications are printed at a sister company, Rising Sun Printers Pty Ltd, which is equipped with state of the art pre-press equipment to enhance the final print quality. The printing division makes use of four Computer To Plate Machines (CTP) in its operation and has a backup for all machinery: from 4 Pre-Press Machines to 5 printing Presses to packaging and delivery equipment.


Our service is based on efficiency, excellent infrastructure, and co-ordination. Therefore, to add to our exceptional service, we have three delivery vans, ensuring a thorough distribution and control from the time the newspaper is hot off the Press to the time it reaches you, our valued customer/reader. This is our logistic wing of the business which runs independently under Eastern Cape Rising Sun Pty Ltd. Our vehicles come fitted with CCTV cameras so that we can monitor and assure our clients of our distribution and its processes. All vehicles have a tracker to ensure all routes and distribution footprints are covered consistently.


We do not only preach being fair and promise to create equal opportunities in a democratic republic, but I ensure to lead from the front and that as a Multi-Media company, we practice it too. To me, business partnerships and client relations are built and measured on trust, quality and service. If you have any queries, advertising or marketing needs or simply wish to share ideas on how we can improve, please do reach out to me on
084 478 8889, WhatsApp: +65 8395 0438 or email: nieshalram@gmail.com

Eastern Cape Rising Sun Pty Ltd
Managing Director - Nishal Rampersadh

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