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BCM Water: Amongst the best quality, many disagree

Samples of the latest water quality test were released by Buffalo City Metro Municipality in an attempt to encourage residents to have confidence and make use of BCM water.
In a press statement issued today, (Sunday, 30 May) BCM stated: The City has noticed that private establishments are selling filtered water under the pretense that Municipal water is unsafe to drink. This is far from the truth. BCM is mandated, as a Water Services Provider, to monitor the quality of water supplied to consumers. Buffalo City Water was confirmed to be amongst the best quality water in the province by Blue Drop in the past, and this has not changed. In the country, the BCMM was deemed to be amongst the topwater services providers, in terms of its quality drinking water.

Meanwhile, many residents disagree, preferring to switch their taps off and buy their drinking water from the private sector.
One resident said, “Not only those in upmarket areas are buying water, you can go to any suburb in East London and surrounds and you will find a water shop supplier. Even grocery stores like Spar have water refilling stations. Why? Because people rather buy their water than trust what comes out of their taps and what the government is supplying us.”

The BCM Press Statement issued by Municipal Spokesperson Samkelo Ngwenya went on to state, the Municipality adheres to water quality checks and drinking water quality results are tabled in Council quarterly. The results of the current report will be tabled in the Council meeting scheduled for June 2. The report is meant to apprise Council of the work done in the monitoring program and the fact that the water supplied is in good order, as part of the oversight requirements.
Daily and weekly samples are collected from all 10 BCMM supply schemes to monitor the ongoing suitability of the water for drinking purposes.

As a matter of acceptable principle, samples with challenges may be expected when
testing water, for different reasons which may include bursts, repairs, human
interference. Remedial action is taken and more follow up tests are conducted.
This is the reason the Municipality conducts tests monthly and submit such report to the regulatory authority.
In total, 83 sample sites were analyzed during March. In accordance with the Department of Water & Sanitations requirements, the drinking water quality report for March 2021 results indicate the percentage compliance, year to date, across all BCMM supply schemes.
Tables are generated based on water quality monitoring data uploaded to the IRIS web site administered by the Department of Water and Sanitation (national controlling authority).
The schemes indicated overall 98.3% microbiological compliance, >99.9% acute health compliance, 99.5% chronic health compliance and 98.1% non-health aesthetic
compliance. The City would like to ensure residents that BCM water is safe to drink.



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