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Beach Overcrowding Leads to More Public Drinking, Litter and Dog Poop!

By Siphokazi Naki

With February being the hottest month of the year and Eastern Beach being inaccessible due to construction work, Nahoon beach is being overwhelmed with visitors, especially during weekends. Along with the traffic and overcrowding, comes more public drinking, litter and even dog poop!

Over the past weekend, many concerned residents were frustrated over the beach being littered and overcrowded.

The furry on Facebook posts and comments on Save Nahoon Facebook paints a clear picture and citing the damage of the littering caused mostly by public drinking and dogs pooping. One post reads, “I do think dog walking should be restricted to certain hours only (6am to 8am and 5pm to 6pm). Dog owners are definitely not picking up after their dogs and that’s just as bad as the bottles and litter being left on the beach. So let’s not point fingers if we’re also breaking the law”.

Was the problem attended to? Yes, the Nahoon beach was cleaned Sunday morning February 15, as one post on the group reads, “All cleaned up… Thanks to municipal workings and a few volunteers”.There were also sightings of authorities on horseback monitoring the situation. While there is great excitement, the public is advised to stay safe and clear of overcrowded beaches and rather make attempts to visit on quieter days in the week.



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