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Cable theft, the root of traffic light disruption

It’s been a nightmare for motorists using some of East London’s busiest traffic routes, which has had traffic lights out for months.

The inconvenience was a safety hazard, with already fender bends and accidents occurring regularly.

Drivers were expected to handle each traffic intersection as if it were a 4-way stop, however not everyone was patient, and this caused a safety hazard to motorists and pedestrians.

Workers, shoppers, and notably those commuting school children were affected particularly during peak hours.

The busiest road, where Oxford meets St Georges, had broken traffic lights, causing a traffic bottleneck, and there were no traffic officers stationed there to help control the traffic.

Buffalo City Metro is fixing the traffic lights. It seems that this traffic light problem is caused by cable theft.

A video shared on a crime watch group on Facebook this week shows two individuals digging out cables in the bushes on Black Road as you approach the Caltex Garage.

Vuyo Mkiva, reported on a Traffic update group on Facebook that he has seen the thieves at work.

“I’m always on the road so I see a lot and it is a concern,” Vuyo said.

Although the problem has been solved, it is only a matter of time before vandals get back at it. It took the BCM a while to attend to the issue because they came across problems.

BCM Spokesperson Samkelo Ngwenya said, “Recently many intersections have unfortunately been vandalised to an extent that requires full reinstallation of all equipment. Our plan is to make sure that all damaged traffic lights are fixed but due to the nature of damage we have to wait for spares.”

The following traffic intersections were some of the affected:

Orient Theatre,

McDonald’s Fleet Street,

Police Station, Fleet Street,

Amalinda Main Road and

Amalinda Nursery,

Preston’s on Kimberly Road,

On the way to the airport,

The bottom of Sunnyside Road and

The route from Woolwash to Douglas Smith.

Traffic light near Orient theatre still off



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