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Coelacanth Bistro, an EL landmark

The Coelacanth Bistro is the culmination of a life-long dream of Courtenay Gobel, some incredibly creative and hard-working people, and the community.

It was birthed from the idea of making a positive difference in the local East London community and resurrecting an old East London landmark. From a very young age, Courtenay and his brother would visit the museum, zoo or aquarium weekly, and would spend hours being fascinated by the hidden treasures throughout.

Afterward, their mom and gran would take them for a treat Those were innocent and precious times. Over the years, friendships were formed with Deon, the owner of the Coelacanth, and when it no longer operated, it was rather sad.

When the opportunity came to partner with the East London Museum, it was grabbed with both hands.

Together with local businesses, within a month, the Coelacanth has risen with a new brand and a fresh vision. It will become an opportunity for selected unemployed people to learn critical skills, and earn an income, whilst being mentored towards permanent employment.

The new-look and feel Coelacanth Bistro is grateful to the Board of the East London Museum, and know that together, they enjoy a creative partnership that can add value to, not only visitors that come to Buffalo City, but also create a sanctuary for locals to enjoy warm fellowship, good food, whilst sipping great coffee.

In supporting the Coelacanth Bistro, one is not only supporting local businesses but also supporting a community-building initiative.

Coelacanth Bistro, an EL landmark Newspaper Article



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