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Community opens its heart

By Rising Sun Reporter

The family home in Greenfields that was gutted recently, leaving dogs burnt alive and the family narrowly escaping with their lives, has brought out the best in the East London community.
On May 10, the family home of Dean and Dionne Love went up in flames in the early hours of the morning, with their pets, five-year-old son, Darren, and elderly bedridden parents inside. As the family escaped with their lives with minutes to spare, Dionne and son Darren were transported to hospital by the amazing folks of Priority Care Ambulance, where the child was treated for smoke inhalation. Darren was due to have open-heart surgery in Port Elizabeth in July and has recovered well thanks to the quick response of Paul Fick and his team at Priority Care.
The community responded with amazing generosity as donations of food, clothing, and funds came pouring in almost immediately.
First to assist without question was Louise from Team Blessing Charity Shop in Greenfields donated clothing to the family who was left in soaking pyjamas.
The parents and staff from Sunshine Educare, the preschool attended by Darren raised funds for the family to be able to get toiletries and necessary clothing.
Neighbours and strangers assisted with food and clothing, showing incredible compassion. East Londoners from all suburbs on social media groups and through the Eastern Cape Rising Sun pitched in selflessly to assist.
A young 15-year-old neighbour, Keenan, even helped the family to remove the dead pets and bury them when the SPCA and BCM Solid Waste both couldn’t help.
The family is currently staying at Sunnyridge Lodge, which has allowed the remaining pets to stay with them. “The owner and staff have been amazing,” said Mrs Love. Darren’s face has healed well and the family is coming to terms with the foreseeable future.
“We are all doing well. Darren is still having nightmares, but Sunshine Educare is helping him to deal with that” said Dionne Love this week. “Dean and I are just tired and sad, we lost everything and miss our beloved Anna and Twinkie who died in the fire” she added.
The family would like to thank the good samaritans, many of whom they cannot name and do not know for their outpouring of concern and love in this time of need.
A heartfelt thank you to Sally Prins and the staff of Club Eden, as well as Sarah Scott, Jennifer Vickers, and Ronel Crous, for their kindness and help shown towards the elderly and bedridden parents. “Overall, we are in awe that there are so may good people out there,” Dionne said.



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