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EL locals cast their votes for local government elections

Having waited for this day, November 1, 2021, which is a public holiday set aside for local government elections.

A significant number of people in East London awoke this morning to vote at their various voting stations. However, some were turned down despite the fact that they appeared to have registered to vote elsewhere, and others did not register at all.
Locals in Gonubie were already queuing to vote in the Gonubie Primary at around 7:30

Early birds at Gonubie Primary School voting station: IMAGES BY Lizzy Haskins

The same is true for locals voting at Buffalo City College (BCC), who cast their ballots as of this morning, despite the fact that a couple of elders were turned away because they were not registered to vote at BCC.

BCC college voting station, locals casting their vote for the local government elections

This is followed by the Cambridge High School voting station, which took less than five minutes at around 14:30 with only seven duty-bound citizens present.
Eyondre Simons and Chanelle Page were at the front of the short line, ready to vote for change.
Within a short time at the station, a lady was turned away, told she was registered at Egoli, which irritated her because it was at this same station she voted last year. This same occurrence was shared on Facebook by one of the locals who was told to vote at Komga, where they were registered, despite the fact that the lady had never been to Komga in her life.
The same thing happened in Cambridge, where a couple was turned away and told that they were registered in Kwelera despite the fact that they had lived in Cambridge for the previous 20 years.
Aside from that, more residents are still walking into voting stations to vote.



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