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Emonti Gaming brings eGaming market to EL

Electronic gaming has become a huge industry worldwide and is growing in South Africa and two East London residents are making sure that East London does not get left behind.

Giovanni Marais and his partner Keagan Moodley started an eGaming organisation called Emonti Gaming in 2019.

Inspired by his passion for gaming from the first time he played the PlayStation, Keagan says his love for gaming has always been there and the two started off Emonti Gaming by hosting small tournaments at their houses, playing with friends.

“There is such a competitiveness in eGaming which is now a sport where you can make millions. And we want to be in the forefront of giving our locals the opportunity touch dreams that they never thought was possible,” says Keagan.

After noticing a gap in the market for eGaming in East London and the Eastern Cape as a whole, Keagan and Giovanni had the idea to host a gaming event to see if the market was there and if it would take off.

More than willing to help and get on board, Hemingways Mall allowed Emonti Gaming to host their first FIFA gaming event at the mall for free.

Following the success of the event, Emonti Gaming went on to host another event at Hemingways Mall, with prizes sponsored by Incredible Connection, Vodacom, and Cell Bazaar. Emonti went on to host another event at RocoMamas.

Halting their plans, Covid came and Emonti Gaming had to take time out and reflect on where they want to take their eGaming business, which led them to changing their approach and focus more into the schooling networks in East London.

“We would like to get into the schooling system and start a network with children showing them that eGaming is a legitimate career for children to look into to make real money by participating in national and international gaming events, starting YouTube channels about their gaming, and monetising their channels. The possibilities are endless, it’s just about getting access to these children and finding the children with the potential we could mould and nurture,” says Giovanni.

Getting one foot in, Emonti Gaming hosted a FIFA 22 gaming and braai event at Hudson Primary School on March 19 which was a success with 40 children participating and asking when the next event was going to take place.

“We would like to thank Justin Smith, the eGaming facilitator who opened the door for us, The Junktion, especially Ant the owner for the awesome support and sponsorship, and the local children for their support and showing us that the market is there, we just need to access it,” says Giovanni.

The ultimate goal for Emonti Gaming is to be able to host gaming events and workshops in rural schools, find children with the potential, add them to their network and show them that eGaming is another avenue for them to think about when deciding their futures.

Emonti Gaming’s other goal is to host events at each school in East London, get winners and have a final event at the end of the year to get an East London grand winner to send them to national events falling under the Emonti Gaming banner.

“We want to make Emonti Gaming a household name for eGaming in the Eastern Cape and a force to be reckoned with nationally. Why should our kids always be left behind? Let’s get in front of the queue for E- Gaming!” Giovanni excitedly says.

Citing funding as their biggest problem, Giovanni says that Emonti Gaming events would run easier if they had enough equipment as they currently do not have enough consoles.

Anyone willing to help Emonti Gaming with funding or sponsorship can contact Giovanni Marais on 0814513082 or Keagan Moodley on 0822650902. Their Facebook page is Emonti DSB Gaming.

Schools that wish for Emonti Gaming to host events for them are more than welcome to use the contact details above.

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