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Family home gutted, dogs burnt alive

By Rising Sun Reporter

A family narrowly escaped death yesterday morning, when their Greenfields home was burnt to the ground.

When the fire started, Dean Love and his wife, Dionne were indoors with their pensioned parents, Geoff and Sue Committie, and their five-year-old son, Darren.

It is unknown at this stage what caused the fire, but it took minutes, for the house to be reduced to rubble and ash with family members suffering smoke inhalation and singed hair.

Two of the family dogs did not make it and their remains found after the fire was put off by the Fire Department, which responded within minutes of the neighbour’s plea for help.

Dionne and Darren were rushed to the hospital by ambulance, where the little boy was immediately given treatment as he is due to have open-heart surgery in July.

It is of grave concern to the family that both grandparents are bedridden, as Geoff is unable to walk from previous and continual strokes, while Sue, is attached to an oxygen machine, 24 hours a day. Thankfully the neighbours came to Sue’s rescue by plugging in her oxygen machine and keeping her calm until the ambulance arrived.

Speaking to the Eastern Cape Rising Sun, a family member explained, “The family has been left with nothing. My parents are in need of medical care. After being released from the hospital, Darren was heartbroken wandering around his burnt house in a daze. When I asked him if he was scared, he responded, ‘I was very scared, I can’t find my toys or school books now.”

“The neighbours assisted with amazing kindness, and Louise from Team Blessings Charity Shop was the first to assist with some clothing as my family escaped with only the clothes on their backs,” concluded the family member.

The family thanks the community and neighbours for their generosity and make an urgent request for assistance with clothes, food, or anything that can get them through this ordeal. Anyone willing to assist can contact the Eastern Cape Rising Sun on 043 050 5250.



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