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Local Businesses Keep EL Clean

Complaining about a problem without posing a solution is called whining.
 About two years ago, Car Connexion took action as they gathered together a team of mostly unemployed people to maintain public areas.
Their work has included Cheltenham Road leading up to Clarendon Prep School, Linaria Drive, Beach Road, Dyer Road and Beaconhurst Drive where pavements, and in some instances, the road was overgrown with weeds, long grass and bush.

Beaches and picnic spots including Batting Bridge, Bonza Bay, Nahoon Reef, German Bay and Eastern Beach have also received their attention with over 800 bags of rubbish collected from these areas alone.
The dealership on Pearce Street has further been of help in various projects including a drought relief program, sanitizer roll-out for taxis when the covid-19 pandemic just hit and assisting with funding to the Gonubie Protect Neighbourhood Watch.
David Bernstein, the brain child behind the clean-up project has since gained the support of local businesses in allowing a more comprehensive campaign. Scott Worley and Joshua Acheampong from non-profit organization Land of the Living, whose goal it is to create a strategic community of entrepreneurs in impoverished communities, have come on board and are richly involved. Their service further includes collecting recyclable material from homes on specific days of the week in almost all areas of East London.

“It was a match made in heaven with the shared vision of cleaning up East London. We contacted local businesses to pledge an amount per month to assist with running costs. Amazingly 20 businesses agreed to help with their financial contributions,” Bernstein said.
These costs include fuel, vehicles, labour and tools accumulating over a four day week operation. Collected rubbish gets processed for recycling and the rest driven and dumped at the landfill. The added support of business has allowed them to extend their focus to illegal dumping sites at Gonubie, Batting Bridge, Nahoon River Park, Eastern Beach, Nahoon Beach and Point, John Bailey Road, Nahoon River and the lookout point at Seaview Terrace.

“At our weekly meeting with Land of the Living, we discussed the current situation and sudden deterioration around East London with regards to weeds, grass and bush growth. Our pavements and roads are getting worse by the day, especially with the amount of rain we are getting.
Our main focus has shifted slightly by concentrating more on getting the streets and pavements cleared and clean.
A massive clearing was done at Mc Jannet Drive and this week we are focusing on Beaconhurst Drive. A further ten unemployed workers will be joining us to clear weeds on our pavements daily in February, we’re hoping to get it under control before it gets worse,” Bernstein concluded. 

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