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Locals lash out at Buccaneers, request further investigation!

Popular food and beverages spot in East London, Buccaneers was recently under the spotlight for having too many people crowded at its facility, having a party, drinking and disobeying the social distancing rules.
Authorities fined the establishment R5,000 to which many people believe should have been much more considering the negligence.
Here’s what some locals had to say:

“Corruption will never end and if you have money it is easier to do whatever you want. “Money talks” and that R5000 fine was just a smack in the hand and does not justify what happened inside there. I mean people could be infected but what can we do?” Peter Brown.

“I am very hurt that the regulations weren’t followed, also I think this was beyond his control as people wanted to enjoy themselves. But, now that alcohol has been permitted we are also able to make money because we depend mostly on Buccaneers customers. I am a mother and I provide for my family, so me being here and being able to make money is a privilege,” Zodidi Ganga.

“Well, I am actually disappointed with the fine because from what I know is that when a licensed outlet is found guilty or going against the lockdown restrictions, they should be fined and suspended, but Buccaneers is still open even right now,” Joanne Spayne.

“I am not happy about this because local taverns are being fined and suspended. In fact, a tavern owner who broke the law was apprehended and her stock was taken because of not adhering to the lockdown regulations,” Unathi Mzimba.

“I really do not know if it is fair or not because I have no idea what they deserve but I am just hoping that there is no one that will be found positive because of the place being overcrowded. Also hope that this was a wakeup call for Buccaneers and that they will not do it again,” Sihle Xaka



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