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Love at first sight

By Onthatile Talafala

Asemahle Mapuko, a rising star from Mdantsane, is making waves in the broadcasting industry as one of the top four contestants chosen for the Umhlobo Wenene presenter search.

Coming from a disadvantaged community known for crime, Mdantsane Unit 2, where one has to work extremely hard to make a name for themselves, the 24-year-old discovered her first love for radio during an interview on one of the local radios.

Asemahle recalls how she and her churchmates were in an interview to discuss a modeling event for their church’s fundraising when “it was in that moment where I had so much curiosity of how is it possible that one could speak in a room and be heard by masses,” and how radio became love at first sight for her.

Motivated by her enthusiasm, the Public Relations graduand approached Mdantsane FM the next day; however, when she failed to produce a resume, she was told to go draft one and return.

This did not discourage her, and she went back home and brought back the resume on a Saturday, where she was then introduced to Buhle Geleba, who hosted a teen’s show.

 “When we went on the air, it was like magic; I could feel butterflies in my stomach, and I felt as if I was in a different atmosphere. Since then, I’ve known that I live for radio.”

She then co-hosted with Yarees from time to time , from there, Asemahle went on to join Kumkani FM, and then went on to make a name for herself by hosting her show The Good-life, which brought her recognition; it was then that she realized how much she had grown.

Seven years later, the Top 4 finalist finds herself with one foot in the door of Umhlobo Wenene, which she never imagined was possible.

 “I’ve never had the courage to enter competitions before, and making it this far means that my talent is notable. Some people out there look at me or listen to my voice and find hope in it,” Asemahle said.

The young talent also adds that winning this competition will not only fulfill her dream, but will also be a living legacy to a child from Mdantsane, helping to inspire the message that anything is possible if you put your mind to it and push for it.

To vote for Asemahle, SMS Ulonwabo3 to 45858. Each SMS costs R1.50, and free SMSs are not viewable. You can vote as many times as you want until the station announces that the voting lines are closed.



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