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Mayor Pakati addresses business stakeholders

Executive Mayor of Buffalo City Metro (BCM), Councillor Xola Pakati has been busy non-stop since he was re-elected to serve a second term as Mayor.

This morning (December 1), Cllr Pakati addressed the City’s business stakeholders during a breakfast session at the ICC.

Key areas focused on included waste management, measures to address billing issues, tourism improvement plans and an economic recovery and investment plan for the City to address the increase in the unemployment rate in the province.

“One of the main things which have appeared quite prominently during the election season, and even before, is the issue of billing. I know management has established a task team that is aimed at addressing billing issues. I would be expecting quarterly reports from management, regarding this matter,” he stated.

He firmly stated, “We will see better partnerships with the South African Police Service and the Eastern Cape Liquor Board to monitor and close down illegally operating taverns in many areas of our towns. We will also be coming hard on the drug dens and prostitution rings that are operating in certain places in the city.”

Cllr Pakati said that law enforcement efforts would be stepped up this term, mentioning enforcing by-laws for the illegal car washes and containers used for salons and containers that affect the cleanliness of the towns of BCM. The Economic Development and Agencies Directorate will engage the car washers to find other suitable ways of supporting their informal businesses.

Another by-law he mentioned was the one related to Dilapidated Buildings and Unsightly Neglected Structures and Properties, which has already been gazetted.

Regarding the city’s expenditure on local small businesses, more particularly those owned by young people, Cllr Pakati said that the Chief Financial Officer would have to devise a strategy of addressing this within the law and report on progress in that regard in each quarter.

Cllr Pakati also promised to prioritize projects such as pothole patching and road resurfacing, upgrading rural roads, piping water and providing sanitation to the most remote areas, building more houses for the people, and electrifying new formal settlements and developable informal settlements.

He ended off his address by calling on everyone to work together for the betterment of Buffalo City.

Other organised business and stakeholders who shared messages included the Border Kei Chamber of Business, NAFCOC, Black Business Council and Organised Labour.

Earlier in the week, Cllr Pakati, together with the Premier of the Province, Oscar Mabuyane witnessed the announcement of two new investors by East London Industrial Development Zone (ELIDZ).
“Ebor Automotive Systems worth R150 million, Auria Automotive Systems worth R172 million and one TI Automotive Fuel Systems expansion worth R118.44 million, are the three major companies that contributed to more investment at our IDZ.
The three investments are all within the Automotive Sector and are part of the 16 new investments that translate into R3, 327 billion worth of private sector investment, with a job creation potential of 2078 new direct jobs in the Zone.
The automotive industry is one of the sectors seen as having major potential towards contributing in the economic recovery of our province,” was published on Oscar Mabuyane’s social media page.

The ‘switching on the lights’ in Buffalo City Metro takes centre stage every December to embrace the festive spirit. Look out for that in the coming weeks.

Newly inaugurated Buffalo City Metro Executive Mayor, Councillor Xola Pakati hosted a stakeholder’s interaction business breakfast
Newly inaugurated Buffalo City Metro Executive Mayor, Councillor Xola Pakati hosted a stakeholder’s interaction business breakfast
A special thanks to Samkelo Ngwenya, head of BCM Communications for hosting us and for his hospitality.



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