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Mdasbee VW club bringing change in Gqobhasi through donations

 Last Saturday, the Mdasbee VW club took steps to assist the Qalivane family in Gqobhasi.

Thandokazi Qalivane, who lives in a two-roomed, leaky shack in Gqobhasi, East London, with her husband and six children, three of whom are three-month-old triplets, did not have an identity document and was unable to apply for a child support grant.

Lulama Giba, the organization’s chairperson, witnessed the family situation and helped to inform and assist the family. They have provided the family with essentials such as baby diapers and food, as well as two different stoves and other items.

Donations made by Mdasbee VW club

The Mdasbee VW club was started last year, with the aim of changing the way people see VW car owners.

Members of the club, according to Thandokazi, also assisted her in getting an identity document and a child support grant. “I am very grateful to the club now that I have finally received assistance in the situation I was in,” Thandokazi said.

They try to help community members in a variety of ways to change people’s lives, such as by assisting young people in sports and other activities. Someone who needs help or who needs help can contact them and express their feelings. The club does not have enough funds to assist the public, but they do their best to assist where they can. They used money from their pockets as well as donations they received at the time.



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