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Metro demolishes homes during #Stayhome

By Khuthala Nandipha

Buffalo City Metro Municipality evicted and demolished the homes of three families that had ‘illegally’ built shelter on a BCMM owned Farm erf no.924 outside the East London Airport on Thursday, April 9.

“As a City, we want to send a strong message to those that think they are going to use the Lockdown to advance their causes of crimes, particularly illegal land invasions,” said Samkelo Ngwenya, Metro spokesperson.

BCMM Law enforcement, the Sheriff of the Court and the SAPS served those around with a warning and gave them an ultimatum to leave or face arrest.

This is an ongoing challenge for the urban Municipality as scores of people are moving closer to employment opportunities but have no land to occupy.

Last year a handful of brick houses were demolished, leaving families destitute.

It is a strong message from Metro even during this time of #stayhome.

Tonight, these families will rely on friends or other families to take them in or face the harsh reality of the cold streets of East London as Winter creeps in.

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