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Protecting you daily

By Azile Sontlaba

During recent months, East London is plagued with more crime than ever. Criminals exploited the loadshedding schedule, breaking into homes and businesses.

The police cannot do it all and if they say they are, they lying, because crime is higher than ever before. There are a number of security companies established in the city that offers private protection to residents.

Eastern Cape Rising Sun aims to highlight some of these companies in the coming months to keep readers updated about the city’s security choices.

Many of these companies do exceptional work, that goes by unnoticed, while a few announce their success. Others can certainly improve their visibility and service.

Red Alert and Hartwig & Henderson are apparently the two top performing security companies, apprehending offenders almost daily.

Unfortunately, neither were available to share their service offerings. We can only assume they are busy preventing and fighting crime and hope they will share more with us about their business model in the future, so we can inform you, the reader more about them. This edition we feature Komga Alarms.

Established in 1993 by Dennis Paulick, with the support of his wife, Sharon, Komga Alarms has works with 42 staff in the Border region.

Komga Alarms offer services that include installations and repairs to alarm systems, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) both Analogue and IP with remote viewing, Electric Gate Motors, Intercoms, Electric fence, Armed Response and Guarding.

After relocating their Head Office to East London three years ago, Rochelle Russell, one of their loyal Administration staff, was promoted to manage the office and HR.

Komga Alarms started off slow when they moved to Gonubie, partly due to the name, people were under the impression that they only operated in Komga, when they have clients all over the Eastern Cape from Port Elizabeth to Sterkspruit.

Komga Alarms’ client base is varied with clients from the one roomed shack to the multi-story house to the one-man business to the multinational client, thanks to the experience they got from operating for many years in the Transkei and down along East Coast.

“Besides our Valued Homeowners, our client base consists of National Chain Stores, Government organizations, International Business Chain Companies, and numerous Security Companies. As such requests and demands differ amongst each client and we strive to deliver,” says Dennis.

Komga Alarms had a relatively slow Festive Season compared to other years across their wide footprint of operations.

“Whilst Komga Alarms geared up for an anticipated crime spree, thankfully this never happened and we found ourselves very quiet, we asked our self what was wrong and answered it by saying that we are doing something right!” Cases that stood out for Dennis this past festive season were two Armed Robberies and apprehending two scrap metal shoppers.

Dennis adds that, “These Shoppers help themselves to any form of metal that they can get their hands on. This theft of metals like copper piping, gates, air conditioning systems and basically any form of metal is unfortunately another growing sector of crime.”

As with many business, Covid-19 affected Komga Alarms. “We have noticed an increase of people retiring due to numerous reasons, an increase in bad debtors, an increase of people standing at the intersections and the increased number of vagrants walking the streets,” says Dennis.

Komga Alarms is big on supporting local, going forward they would like to support as many Gonubie businesses as possible. Komga Alarms has assisted the local Gonubie Protect Neighbourhood Watch, the Kei Mouth and Morgan Bay CPFs where possible, and commends members for volunteering and dedicating their time.

Komga Alarms do not consider themselves as the underdog but rather as the alternative and welcome anyone to contact them for their security requirements and needs.

“Whether we offer a service in Butterworth, Komga, Kei Mouth, Morgan Bay or East London we wish to offer it at our most affordable price to our valued clients. We are not the biggest or the oldest security company around but after 29 years we do know our stuff and will continue to offer our clients, both old and new ‘good old honest service’ at affordable rates and prices. By doing this it will allow us growth and allow us further commitment to our areas of
operations,” says Dennis.

In upcoming editions, we will feature Starlight Security Solutions and others. We will be sharing more from Gary Harvey who founded Starlight Security Solutions in 1998.



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