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Taking up spaces within society

Awakened by the high unemployment rate and mental issues amongst the youth of South Africa is Ntombozuko Balintulo a 24-year-old from Cala, in the Eastern cape.
Ntombozuko Balintulo has recently been nominated for the Eastern Cape Youth Awards(ECYA) under the media category. ECYA is an organization set to recognize, celebrate, and promote youth excellence in the Eastern Cape.

Ntombozuko is no stranger in seeking youth excellence as she is a qualified versatile broadcaster and has recently graduated as a Public Relations practitioner, and is currently studying towards a postgraduate diploma in public relations at Walter Sisulu University.

Balintulo has been using her voice as a tool in dealing with matters of concern to society.
” I think that I’ve been tried and tested in all media platforms, I mean being on the radio and excelling in that area. Also, I’ve done some work as a reporter and I am also doing some great campaigns on social media, ” said Ntombuzuko.

The young media personality says that she has also been using the nomination itself to inspire young women to take up their rightful places in society and the “fact that I’m also young and I’ve managed to achieve things in a short period, ” and that the “time for awaiting a graduation and an appointment letter in order to participate in the media industry is long gone, with ambition and technology one can achieve more.”

With the youth faced with various challenges from education, unemployment, and societal issues Ntombozuku says she is moved by the ” number of graduates that are unable to enter the job market and also how uneducated black families are about mental health, I feel obliged to do something about it although I’m also part of it.”

On an ambitious note and gratitude, the youngster says she sees herself being part of huge campaigns in Eastern Cape, hosting her own radio show, and working with the youth department in assisting and informing the youth on opportunities that are there for them.

Other than that, she aims at making her mother, Noluthando Balintulo proud, and shares gratitude for the nomination as she believes it will give her more recognition for her talent, and the youth of the Eastern Cape.

Ultimately for her, being nominated with her fellow nominees, she perceives it as an honour rather than a competition, “I think opening doors in different media platforms is a huge achievement on its own, knowing that wherever I’ve been I’ve left a mark and it shows that I’ve done well,” said Ntombozuko.

Moreover, she feels that people should vote for her because the award will have a personality that represents aspirations of young people regardless of background, age, and circumstance.

Also, the fact that she has been nominated despite not having backup signifies that through networking one can break grounds in achieving their set goals and dreams.

To vote for Ntombozuko Balintulo SMS ECYA30 to 34270

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