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Water meter thief sentenced to 15 years in prison

On Tuesday, November 9, the Buffalo City Metro welcomed the 15-year sentence of a water meter thief.

In May 2021, the convicted male was apprehended by the City’s Superintendent and Peace.

Officer at the Water Works in Chiselhurst depot. He had stolen three water meters in
Southernwood, but this was not the first time he had been caught doing so.

The Buffalo City Metro hopes that this sentence will serve as a strong warning to future perpetrators that the city will take firm action against such illegal acts.

“Such illegal acts should be prosecuted more aggressively, in our opinion. The convicted said in a statement obtained by the city that he would have made R20 to R25 to buy drug pills, but it costs the city R 28 070.09 per meter to replace,” commented the BCM communication office.

This means it costs the Municipality and rate payers a total of R 84 210. 27 for replacement of three water meters.

This is tampering, damage, and theft of essential service infrastructure, and because they were stolen from a business area, it had serious consequences for residents and businesses who were unable to operate due to a lack of water.

The municipality calls upon the communities of Buffalo City to assist in arresting these thieves by reporting them on 082 566 2553 or our Call Centre number 086 111 3017



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